Early Stage Investments.

We seek EARLY investment opportunities in high-tech and software, apps sectors that do not have any significant revenue.

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Selection Criteria

The opportunity can occur from anywhere, i.e. research, school projects or any epiphany.

The idea itself should be defensible and can create a barrier to the market meaning a patent may be applied or significant efforts are required to duplicate the idea.

The idea has moved to beyond the proof of concept phase, i.e. you have experimented, tested, prototyped, and have had solicited other people�s opinion.

We invest with people who are confident but not arrogant, and who are intelligent, fearless, and capable of accepting failures, rejections and finally regroup.

James Shen - Managing Partner

James has extensive experiences in investing, capital raising, and profit and loss responsibilities in high-tech, consulting industries across aerospace, semiconductor, biotech, SaaS, mining and governmental sectors in Canada, U.S, Pacific Rim, Middle East and North Africa countries. He has also had senior executive and leadership roles in CEO and Board of Directors capacities.

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